How a frame comes together – Saw movie memorabilia

He makes it look easy, but it takes time to build a story inside a frame.

Here’s how Scott Dawson, director of Compliments Picture framing, took a pile of movie memorabilia from the horror movies, the Saw movie series, and turned it into a work of art for one very happy customer.

This job took three full days to complete, even though Scott and sidekick Emmett make it look quick.

Step 1

Contemplating the pieces and how they will fit together.

Step 2

The pieces are spread out on the table so Scott can see their sizes, shapes and colours. They will go into three frames, but he needs them to be balanced and even.

Step 3

The backing and matt start to come together, with ideas of how each piece will be showcased.

Step 4

Emmett attaches the items to the backing carefully and securely from the back to ensure there is no movement once inside the case.

Step 5

The triptych (that’s a set of three photographs, with a large picture in the middle flanked with two smaller pictures, one on each side) is built from timber and each item is placed in its new home. It is painted and finished.

Step 6

It’s finished. Three pictures that look like one. The client is amazed. The content in each frame is balanced and the three of them together look even, which was one of Scott’s main aims.













Side note:

There is, of course, still the matter of that famous foot. Don’t worry, Emmett is OK, no one was hurt. This is just the handywork of Photoshop.

And this is Photoshop at its finest. For those who haven’t seen the movies, this is a similar scene from the first one.

How it looked in the frame.


The final product and one happy guy

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