Floating frames – a few hints on how it’s done

Of course, we can’t give too much away, but the reason you don’t see these frames all that often is because they are extremely time consuming to produce – and it’s also a little tricky.

The floating style is popular among photographers who hang their work in a gallery because it gives the picture more depth.

The picture is lifted up off the matting board but it doesn’t touch the glass. Bevelled board is used at different heights to achieve the effect and it needs to be perfect to work.

It takes picture framing to the next level and will appeal to people who are looking for something different.

With this frame, you can see the effect the floating style has (there are shadows in the corners).


But not only has Scott (director of Compliments Picture Framing and master framer) produced this style; he has also extended the frame and painted it to achieve a flawless finish.

Some other floating frame examples include:


What the pictures look like before they are framed using the floating frame style.


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