Top 9 hot picture framing ideas from a master framer

Compliments Picture Framing Gold CoastWe’ve been posting DIY picture framing tips since our virtual life began and they always get a lot of comments from people looking to update their home and give their walls a refresh. So we have collated them into our Top 9 Hot Picture Framing Ideas that are easily implemented and will have your walls looking their best with a framed picture, artwork or memorabilia in no time.

9 hot tips when framing your pictures

  1. When framing a shirt, jersey or other memorabilia, why not add a plaque or photographs to go with it and make it more of a talking point?
  2. Consider wider matt boards on a smaller picture so it’s not crowded, especially if you are using several small elements in the frame.
  3. Try not to hang pictures in the sun as they will fade eventually, even if you’ve used UV glass. UV glass will prolong the life of the picture, but it won’t stop it fading indefinitely.
  4. Know what you want in a frame. Research the colours, media and style you’d like to see and also anything special you’d like to do. It makes the process easier.
  5. Hang pictures with two hooks, one-third of the picture apart. This will stop it slanting on the wall and add extra strength. If it’s over 10kg consider using two toggles.
  6. Choosing a frame is your chance to be an artist, it reflects your personal taste, so take some time and care in it.
  7. There are two ways to frame an item: to match the décor of your home or the picture itself. Try matching the frame to the picture. It will look better long term and if you change the décor you won’t necessarily need to the change the frame.
  8. It is really important that only a professional picture framer stretches your canvas – especially if it is one of your art masterpieces. If it’s done incorrectly it could lead to chips and cracks in the paint – and we don’t want that!
  9. A framed piece of art or just an amazing picture can do wonders for an empty wall. Don’t let it sit in cupboard, in a drawer or on your iPhone or Facebook account. Pull it out, dust it off, get it framed and share it with your friends and family!

You may also like to read about floating picture frames (what are they exactly?) or how a frame comes frame together using the client’s movie memorabilia.

Let us know what you think, or hop on over to our Facebook page and join the framing fun.

–       Scott and the Compliments Picture Framing team, Gold Coast, Australia

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