Gold Coaster Scott Dawson takes picture framing to a new level

Picture Framing Gold Coast Coast Jeffrey HoppMeet our happy chappy Jeffery Hopp. He recently bought a mirror TV from Compliments Picture Framing – and loves it! He couldn’t wait to surprise his wife with the ornate piece of deceiving Picture Framing Gold Coast Coast Jeffrey Hoppart and has also had a great time showing his mates.

“They all love it too and are amazed at the picture quality,” he said.

A custom-framed mirror TV can make a standout feature for any home or business, and can be made to suit your surrounding décor. Whether it is for a bedroom, living room, bathroom or man cave, the opportunities an endless.

And owner and master picture framer Scott Dawson is your picture-framing-mirror-TV man.

We’ve been making them for years and only just recently made another one of our customers extremely happy when we built a custom frame to wrap around his television set.


3 facts about mirror TVs you may not know

Just as it sounds, it is a mirror that turns into a television or multimedia device and vice versa.

  • Mirror TVs use a special type of glass that when the flat-screen TV is off and there is a black background behind you can see your reflection. When you turn it on and light is cast on to the glass it allows the image to be seen and becomes a television.
  • They can be used to save space in any room of the house, but are also used in foyers of hotels and other businesses.
  • Some companies have released mirror TVs, however, Scott can make a custom frame in line with décor specifications and attach any sized flat-screen TV behind it.

If this sounds like something you’d like in your home, get in touch with us!

Scott Dawson

Compliments Picture Framing, Gold Coast,

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