Picture framing: Top 5 wedding photos and other memorabilia

Any house can have an impressive display of artwork on its walls; it is those personal framed pictures we display that make a house into our home. From wedding photos to other pieces of memorabilia, showcasing what matters to uspersonalises our space and creates a homely feel.

Wedding Picture Frame ideas Compliments Picture Framing

How cute is this picture and how the bridal party has used frames! This one comes thanks to bellaweddinggalleria.com

Why frame photos and other memorabilia? Well, that’s simple!

Not only does picture framing protect the piece and ensure its longevity, the right frame will enhance the image or memorabilia’s quality to ensure it looks its best. Nothing is better for this purpose than a custom picture frame!

The question begs to be asked: Just what should I display in my home?

Here are our recommendations for the top 5 wedding photos and other memorabilia you should have in a picture frame:

  •         The bride and groom. A photo of the happy couple on your wedding day is a must. Not only is the image one of beauty that reflects the “happiest day of your lives”, but it brings good energy into your home.


  •         The bridal dress. A woman feels her most beautiful on her wedding day, and there is something enchanting about a bride dressed in her gown before she leaves for the ceremony. Most women dream of this moment from childhood – a beautiful custom framed photo displayed in the home will remind you of this magical moment forever.


  •         The invitation. Everyone at the wedding will have an invitation – except for the bride and groom! Custom framing an invitation is the perfect way to keep it forever. Wedding invitations are so beautiful – why hide it away in a drawer?


  •         The bouquet. Lovers of flowers will adore a bridal bouquet. A framed photo of the bouquet on the day – or even having the bouquet itself pressed and framed – will be a permanent piece of personal art for your home.


  •         A favourite photo from the day. Choose a photo together that is a favourite for both of you. It could be a photo of the first look between bride and groom, the bridal party, the first kiss, the first dance, the bride and her escort as they enter the ceremony, cutting the cake, or a room shot of the reception. It could be elegant, fun, or anything in between. Preserve the moment and look back on it every day.

Any pieces of memorabilia that is important to you can be framed for your home, but there are two more we highly recommend:

  •         Baby’s hand and footprints. Your firstborn will grow faster than you could possibly imagine – and we forget so quickly just how small they were. Imprints or impressions of hand and footprints at birth (or very soon after) are a wonderful thing to frame.


  •         A favourite piece of your child’s artwork. The first piece of art your child creates just for you truly is something special. Too often these treasures are lost or put away and they deteriorate with time. Have a favourite framed – not only will you appreciate it for what it is, your little one will be thrilled.

Enjoy making your selections and check out our website for more picture framing ideas and advice!

– Scott Dawson, your master custom picture framer
Compliments Picture Framing, Gold Coast


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