Picture framing: Top 5 wedding photos and other memorabilia

Any house can have an impressive display of artwork on its walls; it is those personal framed pictures we display that make a house into our home. From wedding photos to other pieces of memorabilia, showcasing what matters to uspersonalises our space and creates a homely feel.

Wedding Picture Frame ideas Compliments Picture Framing

How cute is this picture and how the bridal party has used frames! This one comes thanks to bellaweddinggalleria.com

Why frame photos and other memorabilia? Well, that’s simple!

Not only does picture framing protect the piece and ensure its longevity, the right frame will enhance the image or memorabilia’s quality to ensure it looks its best. Nothing is better for this purpose than a custom picture frame!

The question begs to be asked: Just what should I display in my home?

Here are our recommendations for the top 5 wedding photos and other memorabilia you should have in a picture frame:

  •         The bride and groom. A photo of the happy couple on your wedding day is a must. Not only is the image one of beauty that reflects the “happiest day of your lives”, but it brings good energy into your home.


  •         The bridal dress. A woman feels her most beautiful on her wedding day, and there is something enchanting about a bride dressed in her gown before she leaves for the ceremony. Most women dream of this moment from childhood – a beautiful custom framed photo displayed in the home will remind you of this magical moment forever.


  •         The invitation. Everyone at the wedding will have an invitation – except for the bride and groom! Custom framing an invitation is the perfect way to keep it forever. Wedding invitations are so beautiful – why hide it away in a drawer?


  •         The bouquet. Lovers of flowers will adore a bridal bouquet. A framed photo of the bouquet on the day – or even having the bouquet itself pressed and framed – will be a permanent piece of personal art for your home.


  •         A favourite photo from the day. Choose a photo together that is a favourite for both of you. It could be a photo of the first look between bride and groom, the bridal party, the first kiss, the first dance, the bride and her escort as they enter the ceremony, cutting the cake, or a room shot of the reception. It could be elegant, fun, or anything in between. Preserve the moment and look back on it every day.

Any pieces of memorabilia that is important to you can be framed for your home, but there are two more we highly recommend:

  •         Baby’s hand and footprints. Your firstborn will grow faster than you could possibly imagine – and we forget so quickly just how small they were. Imprints or impressions of hand and footprints at birth (or very soon after) are a wonderful thing to frame.


  •         A favourite piece of your child’s artwork. The first piece of art your child creates just for you truly is something special. Too often these treasures are lost or put away and they deteriorate with time. Have a favourite framed – not only will you appreciate it for what it is, your little one will be thrilled.

Enjoy making your selections and check out our website for more picture framing ideas and advice!

– Scott Dawson, your master custom picture framer
Compliments Picture Framing, Gold Coast


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Gold Coaster Scott Dawson takes picture framing to a new level

Picture Framing Gold Coast Coast Jeffrey HoppMeet our happy chappy Jeffery Hopp. He recently bought a mirror TV from Compliments Picture Framing – and loves it! He couldn’t wait to surprise his wife with the ornate piece of deceiving Picture Framing Gold Coast Coast Jeffrey Hoppart and has also had a great time showing his mates.

“They all love it too and are amazed at the picture quality,” he said.

A custom-framed mirror TV can make a standout feature for any home or business, and can be made to suit your surrounding décor. Whether it is for a bedroom, living room, bathroom or man cave, the opportunities an endless.

And owner and master picture framer Scott Dawson is your picture-framing-mirror-TV man.

We’ve been making them for years and only just recently made another one of our customers extremely happy when we built a custom frame to wrap around his television set.


3 facts about mirror TVs you may not know

Just as it sounds, it is a mirror that turns into a television or multimedia device and vice versa.

  • Mirror TVs use a special type of glass that when the flat-screen TV is off and there is a black background behind you can see your reflection. When you turn it on and light is cast on to the glass it allows the image to be seen and becomes a television.
  • They can be used to save space in any room of the house, but are also used in foyers of hotels and other businesses.
  • Some companies have released mirror TVs, however, Scott can make a custom frame in line with décor specifications and attach any sized flat-screen TV behind it.

If this sounds like something you’d like in your home, get in touch with us!

Scott Dawson

Compliments Picture Framing, Gold Coast, www.complimentspictureframing.com.au

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How to pick a picture-perfect frame

If you have a special photo, piece of artwork or memorabilia that you want to take pride of place in your home, getting it framed will help it stand out.

The options are endless but figuring out what shape, colour and style will really make the 

piece come to life can be tricky, especially if you are in a hurry.

Here are four things to keep in mind when picking a picture frame

Compliments Picture Framing Gold Coast

1. Location, location, location

Picking a picture frame’s style and size depends on where you want to hang or place the item. For example, if it’s for the formal living room, depending on the size of the room, a large frame on a clear wall will look amazing.  But if it’s for your child’s bedroom a small cluster of frames may be better option.

Tip:  Choose colours that enhance not detract from what you are framing.

2. Get playful with colours

There really are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picture framing, so explore colours, patterns and textures. Play around with different colours of matt board, you’ll be surprised by what you can get away with when framing a photo or piece of art.

Tip:  Frame an item by matching your frame to the colours in the picture, not to the decor of your home. 

3.  Dare to be different

Choosing a style of frame is an expression of who you are, or want to be, or even what the piece you are framing means to you. Step outside of your comfort zone and look at how

different frames look against your picture or art work. Try ones you would never imagine hanging on the wall of your home, especially if you want to create that ‘wow’ or ‘shock’ factor.

4. Out source

If you really don’t have an eye for colour or can’t seem to find what you’re after, seek out a professional picture framer. We all have our strengths and professional framers will be able to show you a range of styles to help you achieve the look you want with minimal stress or fuss.

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Custom picture framing – It’s the premium choice

Compliments picture framing custom framing

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know how much I love building custom picture frames. It just gets the creative juices flowing and I enjoy pushing the boundaries of  creating something more than “just another rectangle”.

Whether you are the proud new owner of a piece of prestige art, a beautiful family photograph, a classic poster, a piece of needlework or memorabilia, or your child’s latest masterpiece, you should frame it and display it proudly in your home or office. While there are many fast and convenient options for purchasing a generic frame for your art, the benefits of custom picture framing cannot be understated.

There are a number of reasons why calling in the professionals (like us!) to mount and frame your piece is highly recommended.

Framing is undertaken with two main goals in mind: To ensure the piece is presented in its best light and to provide protection to the piece.

Custom picture framing involves a professional picture framer creating a frame designed specifically for your art, and how it will fit into your space. Every piece of art, whatever its nature, will be enhanced by the right framing aesthetic; get it wrong, and a spectacular picture can look, at best, ordinary; at worst, awful.

A professional will work in consultation with you, offering advice to ensure every piece of art looks amazing. Some considerations include where the art is to be located; the decor of the room it is to occupy; the frame medium and how it enhances the individual piece; the size and colour of the mat used to draw the eye and enhance the piece; and whether there are existing artworks in the space, and how they can be complimentary to each other.

When all decisions have been made regarding all aspects of the desired result, the artwork is left with the professional framer and a custom frame is created specifically around that piece. In a timely manner, the completed, framed piece is ready for collection or delivery and to be hung in its chosen location.

Professionals bring an experienced and innovative eye to the practice of presenting pictures in their best light. The benefits of having a picture framed professionally, rather than buying a generic frame, are many. They include:

  • Quality: A professionally  customised frame will always be of higher quality than those ready-made items available
  • Experience: Professional framers have years of experience framing in all mediums, and have innovative ideas and suggestions for design, style, sizing and proportion
  • Protection: A quality piece requires protection afforded by UV protected glass, acid-free matting, and premium assembly to last a lifetime
  • Range: A plethora of framing styles and mediums to select from

Whatever your piece, wherever you wish to locate your picture, whatever your budget, and whether you wish to frame it in wood, metal or synthetic materials from rustic to classic to contemporary – a custom-made picture frame is your best option to ensure the longevity and optimum enhancement of your art for years to come.

A bespoke creation is our speciality. We get great satisfaction out of our creations and our customers are always delighted.

 Head over to our Facebook page to see how this customer frame will turn out!

– Scott Dawson, Compliments Picture Framing, Gold Coast

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Top 9 hot picture framing ideas from a master framer

Compliments Picture Framing Gold CoastWe’ve been posting DIY picture framing tips since our virtual life began and they always get a lot of comments from people looking to update their home and give their walls a refresh. So we have collated them into our Top 9 Hot Picture Framing Ideas that are easily implemented and will have your walls looking their best with a framed picture, artwork or memorabilia in no time.

9 hot tips when framing your pictures

  1. When framing a shirt, jersey or other memorabilia, why not add a plaque or photographs to go with it and make it more of a talking point?
  2. Consider wider matt boards on a smaller picture so it’s not crowded, especially if you are using several small elements in the frame.
  3. Try not to hang pictures in the sun as they will fade eventually, even if you’ve used UV glass. UV glass will prolong the life of the picture, but it won’t stop it fading indefinitely.
  4. Know what you want in a frame. Research the colours, media and style you’d like to see and also anything special you’d like to do. It makes the process easier.
  5. Hang pictures with two hooks, one-third of the picture apart. This will stop it slanting on the wall and add extra strength. If it’s over 10kg consider using two toggles.
  6. Choosing a frame is your chance to be an artist, it reflects your personal taste, so take some time and care in it.
  7. There are two ways to frame an item: to match the décor of your home or the picture itself. Try matching the frame to the picture. It will look better long term and if you change the décor you won’t necessarily need to the change the frame.
  8. It is really important that only a professional picture framer stretches your canvas – especially if it is one of your art masterpieces. If it’s done incorrectly it could lead to chips and cracks in the paint – and we don’t want that!
  9. A framed piece of art or just an amazing picture can do wonders for an empty wall. Don’t let it sit in cupboard, in a drawer or on your iPhone or Facebook account. Pull it out, dust it off, get it framed and share it with your friends and family!

You may also like to read about floating picture frames (what are they exactly?) or how a frame comes frame together using the client’s movie memorabilia.

Let us know what you think, or hop on over to our Facebook page and join the framing fun.

–       Scott and the Compliments Picture Framing team, Gold Coast, Australia

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New year, new picture framing trends

New trends for 2014 in picture framing Gold Coast

There are new trends for 2014 in picture framing

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one for the picture framing industry with upcoming trends likely to appeal to all tastes and budgets.


Fashion has an influence

While the link between fashion and framing choices isn’t obvious to most, there is one. Consider that what you choose to wear and have your photo taken in will eventually need to be put in frames that complement the fashion of the day. So keep your eye on the catwalk for inspiration in regards to your framing options.

Building a new idea

Recent building trends such as homes with more windows and coloured walls will also influence choices home owners make in regards to picture framing. Similarly, more homes, particularly in the Gold Coast, have lots of windows and open floor plans, this means there is less space to hang framed pieces.

To work around this new design trend, more people are displaying paintings on a floor easel in a corner or position smaller frames in bookcases. The options are endless when it comes to finding the perfect place for your favourite piece.

Simple ideas count

Meanwhile, experts are predicting simple frames and the elaborate white frame will feature as a popular picture framing solution, especially for those planning to put abstract art in their homes. I make it my goal to offer solutions that complement not dominate what is being framed and this is especially true when working with unique pieces.

In too deep

Deep set frames are also tipped to feature heavily this year with experts predicting 3D printing will explode in 2014. As a result, we’re likely to see the previously popular shadow box frame make a resurgence. However, it will depend on whether these deep picture frames will work with specific pieces of 3D art.

Anything goes

It’s expected there’ll be a continuation of a blended collection of the old and the new. This means that anything goes, especially when it comes to picture framing options.

I can’t wait to see what the new year brings and look forward to working with my customers to bring many of these trends to their homes or work spaces.

– Scott Dawson and the Compliments Picture Framing, Gold Coast

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Have a (picture) framing good Christmas!

Found some great ideas online when it comes to picture framing your Christmas.  Check these out and DIY them this weekend – just in time for the festivities!

Have a Merry Christmas folks!

– Scott Dawson and the Compliments Picture Framing, Gold Coast




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